In DeuS we have launched a set of four surveys to help us understand the current needs of the cultural and creative industries.

We are keen to hear from our stakeholders to gain insights and an in-depth understanding of needs, challenges, barriers and innovative solutions in place across the cultural and creative sector.

The information we get from the study will go towards creating an optimised training programme and resources for the benefit of cultural and creative industries across Europe.

You are invited to offer feedback and opinions on a series of relevant themes in the surveys below. Feel free to share in your network to help us achieve some great results.

The Four Surveys

Survey 1

If you are a freelancer, sole-trader, or micro-enterprise working within the Creative and Cultural Industries, we’d love to hear from you.

Survey 2

If you own, direct or manage an enterprise within the Creative and Cultural Industries, we invite you to share your thoughts with us.

Survey 3

If you work in professions allied to the Creative and Cultural Industries, for example as advocacy bodies and labour market representatives; regulatory and public authorities; artist associations; creative clusters, funding bodies; research organisations; Cities of Culture etc. we would be grateful for your input.

Survey 4

If you work within education and training (formal and informal) within the Creative and Cultural Industries domain, we’re very keen to capture your thoughts.


The DeuS project would like to collect survey responses from participants regarding their professional experiences in the sector. The resulting material will be used in resources for marketing purposes and will help to improve the quality of service over the course of the programme.

This document will provide you with an explanation of:
– Why we are collecting individual data
– How we will process it
– The steps we take to ensure data security

University of Wales Trinity Saint David as work package leader of this activity is the controller of the personal data you provide to us and is, therefore, responsible for the collection and processing of your confidential and personal data (including data defined as sensitive). As such, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is the ‘data controller’ and is committed to protecting the rights of participants in line with current data protection legislation. University of Wales Trinity Saint David can be contacted through All data collected by the DeuS programme is processed and stored in accordance with the current data protection legislation.

For the purpose of collecting surveys, DeuS will only collect or process data with explicit consent which we will collect directly from the individual.

What information do we collect?
– Your name
– Business Name
– Location
– Details provided by yourself about your professional experiences and other details you may wish to share.

Why are we collecting this information and how will we use it?
This information is required for the development of original PR, communications and marketing activity and collateral to illustrate the value and impact of the DeuS programme.
Any resources produced will be for prospective participants, current participants, potential collaborators and to demonstrate performance to the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The information you give may be used in resources for communications, PR and marketing purposes via web-based and other digital/print methods. This could include the DeuS website, press releases, social media and printed marketing collateral.

With your explicit consent, the information detailed above will be published. This will help prospective participants identify the types of engagement opportunities available. You can choose whether your name is published by providing consent on the agreement form below. This means if you would like to provide information about your experience to help improve the DeuS programme but do not want your name/photo or identifiable information to be made publicly available you will need to indicate this via email: .

You will be contacted directly for specific permission on the publication of direct quotes unless anonymised.

Security of your information:
Data Protection legislation requires us to keep your information secure. This means that your confidentiality will be respected, and all appropriate measures will be taken to prevent unauthorised access and disclosure. Records of the information you provide will be kept securely in electronic files. Paper records will be stored in a secure filing cabinet with controlled access. Only members of staff who need access to relevant parts or all of your information will be authorised to do so. Your details will only be made publicly available with your explicit consent.

How long do we keep data?
If you agree to your details being made publicly available, the information you provide will be kept for as long as it necessary for the production of the resource materials. The material and case studies will be made public via printed or digital marketing resources produced in line with this marketing purpose. As this information could be placed online or in printed materials, University of Wales Trinity Saint David is unable to provide assurances and control further use of the information by third parties outside of the programme. The material and case studies could remain in the public domain for an indefinite period of time.

The DeuS programme is developing its comprehensive privacy and confidentiality policy and accompanying documentation. Once this document is available it will be uploaded to the DeuS website Any requests for further information regarding your rights as a data subject should be made in the first instance to the University of Wales Trinity Saint David via email:

What are your rights?
You have a right to access your personal information, to object to the processing of your personal information, to rectify, to erase, to restrict and to transport your personal information. Please contact the Fondazione Matera Basilicata 2019 for further information in relation to your rights. Any requests or objections should be made by email to University of Wales Trinity Saint David via email:

How do I withdraw consent?
You are able to withdraw consent at any time. If you would like to withdraw consent, please email Please note that withdrawing consent applies to future uses of the personal and confidential data and case study provided. The material and case studies may already have been made public via printed or digital marketing resources produced. Once consent has been withdrawn, the data will be removed from our systems and a log of the withdrawal request shall be recorded.

How do I make a complaint?
If you are unhappy with the way in which your personal and confidential information has been processed you may in the first instance contact the University of Wales Trinity Saint David using the contact details above.

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