Historic premises of the stronghold are becoming a new cultural centre (also the first one in the small city).

The civic association dedicated their time and effort to persuade the local stakeholders, historians and politicians to have the “stronghold” for rent for 10 years (currently this period is extended indefinitely). Gradually, other active city communities began to join them – OZ Kandelaber, Guild of Architects, local artists, and informal initiatives.

Their goal is to revitalise the exceptional spaces of the stronghold (BAŠTA literally means stronghold) and make them accessible to the general public. Step by step, they are creating a cultural and community centre in which the following organisations and activities operate under one roof:

  • Various cultural and artistic activities: music, film, theatre, fine arts, etc.
  • Different types of non-formal education, leisure activities, creative workshops
  • Support of local community activities (for families with children, yoga in the Bastion, Benefit bazaars, etc.)
  • Relaxation area with a café and a selection of craft drinks
  • Development of ecological feeling and interest in what is happening in the city
  • Development of tourism.

Thanks to the determination and energy of a number of volunteers, BAŠTA has been operating on a regular basis since spring 2017 with an open café. However, only one and a half out of the five floors has been adapted for year-round operations. 

Therefore, the effort does not end here and, in addition to cultural and community activities, they are working on projects that will help them renovate other floors, so that the BAŠTA can fully develop its potential and create even more space for active people who are willing to change society for the better.

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