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The art of inspiring change

How creativity and the arts are an essential route to achieving...

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What we can learn from creatives in the management of EU projects

Creative Change project is funded by Erasmus+ program of European Commission to explore how creativity can play a role in EU project management and...

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Learning How To Learn

Building a FutureFit adult learning system for thousands of workers across Europe Rapid advancements in technology means everyone needs digital...

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Fab City Hubs as New Places of Learning

The CENTRINNO H2020 project has recently run a webinar inviting European creative hubs to present cases of formal or non formal learning actions...

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What works for Adult Online Learning: An evaluation of the CareerTech Challenge

A new report from Learning and Work Institute and Nesta highlights what we’ve learned about supporting adults who are most vulnerable to workforce...

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How to study effectively

Forget cramming, ditch the highlighter, and stop passives rereading.  The psychology of learning offers better Paul Penn,...

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6 elements of 28

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